Camp Journal

Glacier 3000!

28th July 2020

A bright and early start today for the Greens and Yellows as we headed to the glacier! Ascending the glacier at 3000 metres high, we were greeted with incredible views through the gondolas as the skies were clear- even the Matterhorn could be seen.

As we took it in turns to ride on the husky sledges, Logan, Daniel, Ben, Simon and Jakob enjoyed a snowball fight, luckily they dried off quickly as it was so warm.

The morning ended with tobogganing on the glacier and a picnic high up in the clouds. The campers then enjoyed a ride on Europe’s highest rollercoaster! Shyrine, Zohra, Chloe and Florence sped down at top speeds!

The excursion concluded with a walk along the bridge to the viewing point. A particular mention to Sydney and Kataleeya who overcame a fear of heights walking across it!