Camp Journal

Ghyll Scrambling Adventure – Blue Group

5th July 2012

After a break yesterday the children were keen to get back to their language classes.Basketball followed where they definitely worked up an appetite. The jacket potatoes were greatly enjoyed with the majority going back for seconds! The fun-filled afternoon kicked off with some navigation skills inside while the rain passed, then it was off to the woods for the monkey game! In teams they all set off in 

various directions with the challenge to find the hidden monkeys.Following afternoon tea back at the centre we excitedly made our way to the river. When scrambling up the river there was a sense of nervousness, which on the way back down had completely disappeared, and was replaced with exhilarated children. ‘I feel so alive’ was my favourite quote from a 10 year old boy after having crawled through a tyre on the river.A nice warm shower was hugely appreciated, and after dinner it was laundry time and maybe a little bit more karaoke! 

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