Camp Journal

Ghyll adventure – Yellow

2nd August 2012

Another sunny day at Camp Suisse and the Yellow group had an exciting day laid out before them. They embarked upon their day with language classes, which was then followed by football. Before lunch, the entire camp had a photo shoot (keep a check on our Facebook page – International Camp Suisse to see how these photos turned out).  


So after lunch the Yellow group set off for some more orienteering in the woods where campers learned how to use techniques such as placings and compass skills. They put their knowledge to practical use in a game which involved finding various symbols around the forest. After having mastered orienteering it was time for a spot of Ghyll scrambling which involved clambering up and down a river, whilst overcoming some tricky obstacles en route. 


Push ups in the icy water meant a hot shower was most definitely in order! And with extra helpings of lasagne for supper, the Yellows concluded the day with an exciting football match between staff and campers. A gallant effort from all-round, but unfortunately for the campers, staff clinched the victory in a toughly fought battle.  

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