Camp Journal

Friday 2nd August 2019 – Who’s got the Golden Ticket?

2nd August 2019

The Reds and Blues went back to nature today, and walked into the woods to learn to be true survivalists. The small but mighty campers showed how adaptable they are, and were quick to react when it began to rain on their mini-camp! They came back to the centre, and instead of building fires and shelters in the woods, made caramel popcorn on Trangia cookers, and put hammocks up around camp.  

In the afternoon, the campers went to their language classes, which they spent in part brainstorming ideas for their talent show next week. After languages, the Reds and Blues got their creative side out, creating pieces of art around the theme of ‘space’, which will take pride of place as decorations during Prom! This evening, a really special treat was in store for the campers, who headed up to the pizzeria for dinner. Afterwards, they were able to play in the playground before heading back to camp for a good night of sleep.

The Greens and Yellows started their day with a delicious breakfast, and their languages classes. In Margaux’s class, the campers prepared for their trip to the Cailler Chocolate Factory by watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in French (whilst eating delicious chocolate!). This helped to really engage the children in their language learning, while also giving them key vocabulary for the trip on Monday. 

The campers then headed to the beautiful Villeneueve, for one of the favourite activities- banana boating! Luckily, the weather had cleared up since the rainy morning, and the campers were able to relax in the sun for the afternoon. Everyone had a ‘splashing’ time there, enjoying not just the banana boating, but also swimming in the lake, diving off the board, and playing ping-pong on shore.