Camp Journal

First Day of Session Three!

28th July 2019

This morning, the campers woke up bright and early to prepare for their language quiz! This assessment will help the Camp Suisse language team to assign them to the most appropriate classes for their level of ability. This session, our campers are learning French, English, Spanish and German. 

The Reds and Blues enjoyed the rest of their morning by playing games in the Patinoire, while the Greens and Yellows went on their first excursion, to the Aqua Parc! The slides and rides there gave hours of entertainment, and it was a lovely chance for the new campers to make new friends in a more informal setting. The Lazy River was a favourite for the campers, and everyone came home satisfied and happy. 

After that they tucked into a hot lunch served in camp. After a hot lunch in camp, the Reds and Blues were full of energy and ready to attack the climbing wall. They spent the whole afternoon there, trying as many routes as they could and taking on different challenges. All the groups were glad of the chance to tuck into dinner at camp, before a relaxed evening of quizzes and sports.