Camp Journal

Elective day for Yellows and Greens

26th July 2017

Today was a relaxed elective day for the Yellows and Greens which meant that they were able to choose an activuty to suit their mood! Half of our group took on the challenge of a mountain biking advanced course, which was really good fun and impressed the activity leaders a lot with everybody’s capabilities! The other group who were feeling more relaxed were able to do something the we like to call ‘art jamming’ in which the campers do some arts and crafts with some good music in the background: letting their creative spirits loose!!


We then had such a lovely evening once everybody was finished and settled after their activities. The Reds and Blues had tried so hard and put so much effort into their language talent show pieces and we got to watch! Everything from songs, to plays and dramatic scenes were included in the competition and we loved cheering the talented youngsters on and clapping as loud as we could once they had finished!