Camp Journal

A beautiful day in Camp Suisse

4th June 2013

Another beautiful sunny day at Camp Suisse! Mountain biking was the first exciting challenge on the agenda today with everyone taking part. From those who have ridden to those who may have never even ridden a bike before taking part in the twisty turns and bumpy obstacles. Riding down the mountain with the beautiful sun on our faces and the wind blowing through our hair put a smile on all the children’s faces. “This is so much fun” and “That was so cool” were comments heard on repeat at the bottom of the mountain. 
After an amazing morning of mountain bike riding it was our turn for the bushcraft hike! A chance to get a different view of the beautiful Torgon and also to learn more about the landscape that surrounds us! The kids learnt a lot about how the rocks in and around the mountains were formed and then their survival skills were put to the test!! Everything from tasting reindeer moss (bush tucker) to learning what to use and how to filter water in a survival situation. Not only were they taught about what to eat and drink in a survival situation but they were also taught how to put up a shelter in the forest and a hammock under that. Each got the opportunity to experience how comfortable it could be sleeping out in the middle of the forest. 
All in all, it was a beautiful day jam-packed full of challenges, new experiences and fun times all while the sun was shining brightly on Camp Suisse.
Bring on tomorrow! 🙂 – Tiffany, Group Leader

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