Camp Journal

Ecole Moser – Welcome to Camp Suisse!

16th June 2014

The start of a new adventure! The Camp Suisse coach collected the students from Ecole Moser in Geneva and then made the picturesque drive back to camp in Torgon, where everyone was refreshed with a nice glass of homemade lemonade.
After a tour around camp and a tasty lunch, the students stepped out into the great outdoors for the Bush Craft hike. This was a great opportunity to explore the alpine forest surrounding Camp Suisse and learn about using natural materials found in the forest, such as Sphagnum moss to filter water and also a chance to build shelters.
Soon it was time for dinner of chicken pie and a veggie choice too! Everyone had worked up an appetite, so it was thoroughly enjoyed.
Once dinner was over the evening activity begun! The students took part in the Torgona Hunt to learn their way around camp and have some fun too!
After a long day, it was lights out to get some much needed rest for another action packed day.