Camp Journal

Ecole Moser, Day Two

16th June 2016

On a rain-sodden morning our campers woke up at the Alpine Refuge for a seriously hearty breakfast, before braving the elements to head back to Camp Suisse. Truthfully, our campers didn’t walk the whole way as the Camp Suisse minibus came and met them so they could could get off to the Aquaparc ASAP! Slides, slides and more slides… We couldn’t have been any wetter, so water-based activities couldn’t have been scheduled for a better time!

After a long, active afternoon at the Aquaparc, our campers headed back to Camp Suisse to hit the showers. After a delicious dinner, our campers engaged in a very lively bingo session. Numbers were called, prizes were won… Who would have though Bingo could have been such fun?

The teachers also allowed our campers to see some of the football match too, which is always a bonus!

The troops couldn’t wait for Wednesday’s planned activities of mountain biking and mountain adventure, so a good night’s rest was needed by all.