Camp Journal

Ecole Internationale de Genève – Day One

2nd June 2014

Today is the first day of a fun adventure with the students of Ecole Internationale de Genève! The Group Leaders welcomed the students and teachers on board our Camp Suisse coaches to begin their journey, next stop Gruyères!

Classes 6A and 6C were in the mood for chocolate, being the first to go to the Cailler Chocolate Factory. The students enjoyed an interactive tour about the history of the cocoa bean, from its use by the ancient Aztecs, to revolutionary France and finally a chance to see it being made in the current day. The delicious smell of chocolate was finally too much temptation and everyone was invited to have a taste!

Meanwhile, classes 6B and 6D explored the medieval town of Gruyères and took in the historic surroundings such as the château and cobble streets. Then it was time for a packed lunch, specially made by the Camp Suisse Chef.

Time for a change over. So classes 6A and 6C burned off the chocolate with a walk around the old town of Gruyères and the classes 6B and 6D began their tour of Cailler Chocolate Factory.

With exploration and chocolate tours finished, everyone then headed back to the coaches and set off for the camp. Despite the students being tired from their day, they still found the energy for a good singsong on the way back and soon found themselves arriving at International Camp Suisse in Torgon.

A quick refreshment of homemade lemonade, then everyone got to see their new rooms and unpack. There was a real buzz in the air! Once everyone had settled, it was dinner time (chicken pie with pasta, salad, potatoes and not forgetting the green beans!).

The day ended with the Torgona Hunt. Students raced against the clock to answer 30 questions about Camp Suisse and the village Torgon – winners are yet to be announced! Smiles and laughter all around.

A great first day, we all cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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