Camp Journal

Day One – Groups Green and Yellow

5th July 2015

The sun shone brightly on the first full day at camp. After a hearty breakfast, we met the activity leaders Rosie, Brodie, Ed, Sam and Emma, who led the campers on a series of activities in the forest around the centre. Using compasses, maps and paces, the enthusiastic campers roamed the football pitch looking for clues, which led to them assembling a tent. With a few mistakes along the way, all groups managed to work as a team to successfully erect their tent. Next, learning the proper way to gather wood and build a proper campfire – skills that will no doubt come in handy next week at camping! Thirdly, using the forest’s natural resources to build a shelter – some amazing creative efforts here, with walls, roofs, seats, doors, flowers – we were quite tempted to leave them there to sleep!

It was then time to head back to camp to fuel up for the afternoon on sandwiches, salads, jacket potatoes and hotdogs. After a quick visit for some to the tuck shop, we headed out again to continue developing our survival skills. The campers learned how to use a portable camping stove, boiling up some water in double quick time. Then, time to hang hammocks, which some also managed to complete in double quick time in order to enjoy some deserved relaxation! The final activity of the day involved learning how to clean water from the river to make it safe to drink, which some campers tasted (pretty safe in Switzerland luckily!). To finish, the campers braved a slack line across the river, also taking the opportunity to splash their group leaders!

5.30 means only one thing at Camp Suisse – shower hour time, when campers can use their phones and clean up before dinner. Gnocchi, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Ice Cream – with all well fed and watered, it was time for the language test (/assessment/moderation/game!). Tomorrow students will start their language classes, so all students will be allocated appropriately according to their level. There was still time for some chillout, ping pong and an epic game of Pictionary before tired campers headed to bed, excited for archery and climbing in the morning.


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