Camp Journal

Day one – Reds and Blues

29th July 2012

Campers awoke to their first day at CS in the clouds after last night’s thunderstorm. Woken at 7.30am by the morning CS team, campers gorged themselves on a breakfast of cereals, yoghurts, fruit, toast and juices before embarking on a morning tennis followed by language assessments. The language assessment is carried out to ensure that campers are places in to the correct group for their ability amd to ensure that they benefit as much as possible from their time at camp. 

Lunch was held in resort before an afternoon of navigating the forest in orienteering session led by activity leaders Calum and Kirsty followed by Ghyll scrambling in the nearby mountain stream. Despite the cold, Blue group thoroughly enjoyed their watery adventure and some campers, such as Avery, Maan, Emerine, Renata and Stefania even embraced the elements by dunking their whole bodies in the refreshing alpine water. After a welcomed hot shower during shower hour, campers enjoyed some free time before the evening meal of soup, a selection of pizzas, wedges and salads followed by pineapple upside down cake. The unique CS treasure hunt ‘Torgona Hunt’ followed dinner and campers answered cryptic clues to win a variety of prizes, with the overall winners being the Dancing Pickles. 

By now, fully immersed in to Camp Suisse life, campers headed to bed ready for tomorrow, their first proper day of languages and of course the Labyrinth. 


Red group


Day one of camp for the red group consisted of breakfast followed by language testing and sports. Spanish and English were first with the rest playing tennis, which was followed by Italian, German and French. After lunch, the Reds took to the archery arena with Toria and JP through the safety procedure the children broke into teams of 4 and practised. Ramzi and Lusitana stood out, with Lusitana hitting the yellow thing earning the name of Mrs Robin Hood. Her flare for sports was carried on to the climbing wall where she show cased her climbing skills a lot with Ramzi, Martin and Eumin. After a big treat of dinner the Red group were on the Torgona hunt breaking in to teams they went to search around camp to find answers in order to win.

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