Camp Journal

Day Five – Reds and Blues

9th July 2015

We started the day bright and early with breakfast being served at 6:15! Everyone was excited to get on the road to the Glacier 3000 however most of us had a snooze on the coach to refresh before all the days excitement!

We were whisked onto the giant cable car as soon as we arrived, it was then time to head up up up! We hadn’t quite reached the top yet and we all boarded the chair lift to head right to the summit of Glacier 3000! It was the first time on the chair lift for many but the phenomenal views were a great distraction for those who were a little nervous! Next it was time to go husky dog sledging, everyone even got to stroke the dogs which was the highlight of the day for many!

Once everyone had tried the sledge ride we jumped back on the chairlift where the alpine roller-coaster was waiting on the other side! Most people enjoyed whizzing around on the roller-coaster and when we had finished a yummy packed lunch was waiting for us the other side! After lunch we walked up to the viewpoint to take some snazzy shots of the scenery and to the gift shop and to get some cool souvenirs.

After a jam packed morning it was time to head back down the mountain to Villeneuve swimming pool for some fun in the sun! 


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