Camp Journal

The Camp Suisse Olympics

8th June 2012

Living in the Suisse Alps means one must always be prepared for adverse and changeable weather conditions. That’s why when we awoke this morning to the sound of rain outside our windows plan B was already being put into action – the (indoor) Camp Suisse Olympics! 

Shortly after breakfast all the classes of year 6 were divided into 10 Olympic teams. A quick bonding session was necessary to bind the newly formed teams into winning machines. Students were asked to create a team song/chant accompanied by a dance – at the same time faces, arms and even some legs were being painted in the team colours.

The competition consisted of a decathlon of events, ranging from 3 legged and egg and spoon races to  a treasure hunt and ‘nightline’ – an obstacle course made difficult by the fact that all competitors are blind-folded. 

After many long fought battles over a stretch of 3 hours the teams appeared well and truly spent. They had to dig into the energy reserves to complete the final event – the ‘over and under’ relay race! With extra points up for grabs teams dug in hard and at times the tension was palatable. 

After all the hard work and effort put into achieving the coveted title of Camp Suisse Olympics Champions when it came to the announcement of the final scores the expression ‘hear a pin drop’ doesn’t even come close in describing the absolute silence observed in the sports hall. It was Team 10 who, with just a two point difference, managed to pip past the post to take the title of Champions!

After lunch it was time to say goodbye. It seems like only yesterday that the school arrived, but in fact it was 4 days ago; as the old saying goes – ‘time flies when you’re having fun’- and boy did we have some fun! The students and the CS staff shared a fantastic week together making the goodbyes all that bit more painful. 


We wish you all a very safe and prosperous future and we’ll always be here should you want to come visit again!



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