Camp Journal

Clean up Week

16th August 2012

Despite having a crack team of domestic staff present throughout the season it’s amazing the wear and tear that over 700 youngsters can have on our centre; dust and dirt has a way of hiding itself in all those nooks and crannies. That’s why we keep a handful of dedicated staff behind for a whole week after camp to deep clean the whole centre; and when we say deep clean we mean you could eat your dinner of practically any surface.

Much to everyone’s delight today is the last day, very shortly the mop buckets will be drained, the brushes put away and a giant sigh of relief will spread across the valley.

To give you a summary of what’s been going this week, Group Leader Nat has written us a nice poem entitled, rather fittingly, ‘Clean up Week’:

Clean up week, no campers around

The centre’s so quiet there’s hardly a sound

Only the staff are here to stay 

It’s time to pack those memories away


In the kitchen scrubbing the knives

Remember all those delicious pies

The activity store is completely bare

You’ll find no arrows or footballs there


And if you look in the climbing wall

You won’t see anyone there at all

In the corner there’s a mop

Let’s clean the stairs bottom to top

Music playing and plenty of sun

Who knew cleaning could be this much fun

The end of the week is drawing near

The time to leave is nearly here

Now the centre’s really clean

And what a great summer it has been

Farewell Torgon for another year

We’ll soon be back, never you fear!

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