Camp Journal

Charity update… the last step!

9th March 2012

Last summer we took a break from our usual charity (the Andrew Woinarski Foundation) to support a cause that needed our urgent help. Four year old Suranna Gleeson suffers from Cerebral Palsy Diplegia which means she has great difficulties walking. She wanted to raise £50,000 to allow her to fly to the US to undergo a potentially life-changing operation and greatly improve her chances of walking unaided.

So, during the course of the summer, Camp Suisse campers and staff – including Camp Director Rich who is still traumatised by his ‘Racooning’ experience – all rallied together to raise as much money as possible. We’d like to thank all of our Camp Suissers who contributed to our efforts last summer. With your help, we raised just under £3000 for Suranna in a matter of weeks – a fantastic achievement that should make everyone proud. Since the summer Suranna’s mum, Kerry, and her team of dedicated fundraisers have been relentless in their efforts of reaching their £50,000 target. Among the many generous donors, players from Suranna’s favourite football team – Liverpool FC – joined in the fundraising efforts, boosting the total raised to a whopping £48,629. Liverpool’s Glen Johnson and his wife Laura led the footballers’ fundraising efforts, as they pledged a massive £6,000. What at first seemed like an Everest-sized challenge is now a mere molehill away from completion. The summit is very much in view and it’s now more than ever that Suranna needs that extra little push to get her to the top. All our good luck, support, best wishes and motivational whooping cheers are coming your way Suranna…YOU CAN DO IT! You can track Suranna’s progress on her website and follow her on twitter @Surannastepping.