Camp Journal

Chalk and Cheese

17th July 2019

After their fun language lessons and chalk colouring in the camp square, the Reds went up to Plan de Croix for mountain biking. Some of the campers were masters of biking and had a great time going through the obstacles in the grass, whilst some of the Reds were still mastering the skill of riding and balancing on a two wheels bike. Everyone did a great job and really progressed in their skills! The Reds enjoyed their afternoon tea looking out to the mountains in the gorgeous Swiss sunshine and made their way back to camp riding down the mountain. They ended the day with a delicious barbecue and a yodelling lesson!

The Blues spent their day in camp, trying their hand with a bow and arrow at the Camp Suisse Archery Range. They were really enthusiastic learners, and everyone managed to make more than a few shots! Their language skills are also progressing well. Isabelle’s class are loving making posters about their hometowns. The Blues also made their voices heard at the BBQ tonight, yodelling louder than anyone else!

The Greens started the day earlier than usual in order to secure their spots on a gondola ride up to Glacier 3000. Glacier 3000 is a spectacular sight, featuring sledding, an alpine rollercoaster, a peak to peak walk at +3000m, and husky-dog sledding. Upon arrival at the glacier the Greens enjoyed sledding on the freshly packed snow. Then they each had a turn riding around on a dogsled pulled by 10 magnificent huskies. Later, the Greens enjoyed a thrilling ride on the alpine coaster. After lunch on the sunny terrace, the Greens made their way up the steep steps to the hanging bridge between two glacial peaks to cap off the day at the glacier. After a sleepy bus ride back to camp, the Greens enjoyed a cookout dinner at a picnic area a short walk from camp.

The Yellows had their language lessons incorporated in their excursion. The day started in the amazing Cailler Chocolate Factory, where the campers were brought on an audio tour through the factory in the language they’re learning at camp. The afternoon saw them visit the Swiss town of Gruyère, famous for it’s lovely cheese.  where many campers enjoyed fondue, crepes, or ice-cream. This evening they joined the rest of camp for a BBQ and a yodelling session, further up the mountain.