Camp Journal

Camping fun for Yellows and Greens

31st July 2017

Today everyone had their first languages classes in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. After the Yellows and Greens had put their thinking caps on, it was time to go back to some outdoor activities, and boy did we have some fun in store! It was time for our campers to experience our beautiful Alpine outpost for some camping!!! Full of energy after sitting in their classes, we did a beautiful hike up to the camp sight. Once we had reached our destination and caught our breath a little, it was straight on to the next adventure as we hiked further… to France! Everybody was very excited at the achievement of having made it to the border and it was really cool to see both France and Switzerland at the same time. Once we had returned from all this excitement, it was time for a BBQ dinner with marshmallows; very appropriate for a camping trip. We then listened to some of our Activity leader Toria’s infamous ghost stories and also had some campfire songs. It’s safe to say. everybody was sufficiently worn out by the time we were ready for bed and everyone went to sleep very quickly and with smiles on their faces!