Camp Journal

Goodbyes, Hellos and Hiking

4th August 2012

Another glorious day at in Torgon at Camp Suisse so the campers indulged in some breakfast, but today wasn’t like any other day as campers bid a farewell to fellow campers and 3 members of staff (Aimee, Calum and Sarah) Three new campers did, however, join us yesterday so we extend a big warm welcome to Anabelle, Constantine and Lara. 

Campers embarked on their day with a sports session either led by JP (football) or Oli (Tennis) and a one hour language session. After topping up on plenty of sustenance for the great afternoon walk ahead the entire group we were treated to a chairlift ride to the top of the mountain. They then walked down the mountain while enjoying the postcard

like view of the Rhone valley, which became a central part of the conversation! Avery from the blue group kept everyone entertained on the walk with his campfire songs. 

Upon the campers’ arrival back to camp, they were greeted with the exciting news of an alfresco dinner with a barbeque on the decking. After dinner, campers played a game of giant scrabble which was lots of fun and they are all looking forward to mission day tomorrow. 


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