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Camp Suisse Sponsorship

20th June 2011

This summer Camp Suisse, in a bid to increase and extend participation in our Camp Mentor Programme, is launching a new and exciting sponsorship scheme. One outstanding and very lucky candidate will be sponsored by us here at Camp Suisse to participate in the Camp Mentor Programme, all the candidate must do is make their way to Switzerland and let us take care of the rest! The first beneficiary of the scheme will be 16 year old Anat Korol from Israel. A first-time Camper in summer 2010 Anat impressed both Group Leaders and Senior Staff alike with her bounding enthusiasm and motivation and her can-do attitude, which makes her addition to the Camp Mentor Programme a true pleasure for all here at Camp Suisse. Here’s what Anat had to say upon hearing the good news:
“I am delighted to contribute and put all my efforts and hard work in to helping everyone have a great summer.”
Well done Anat! We look forward to working with you over the summer.

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