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Camp Mentor Program pilot study

20th June 2011

Summer 2010 was an important year for Camp Suisse in many ways, not least because we welcomed to camp our first cohort of Camp Mentors on the pilot run of the Camp Mentor Programme. The programme came about from the countless requests we had from ex-campers to come back and work as part of the team. For the most part we deemed these candidates still too young to take on a role of great responsibility at camp, but at the same time we recognised the potential in many of them to make a valid contribution to the life of the camp. This is where the programme comes in. It offers ex-campers the chance to live between two worlds; that of camper and team member- a kind of working holiday. The Camp Mentors are each assigned a colour group, under the responsibility of a senior member of staff, to which they are attached for their time at camp. There to act as both mentors to the campers and a helping hand to the Group Leaders the Camp Mentors take on varying degrees of responsibility according to their abilities and desires- this ranges from accompanying groups on excursions to organising evening entertainments. With no contracted hours it is up to the Camp Mentor how much they wish to contribute to the role and how much they want to get out of it. The first intake comprised Gad, Rhys, Ella, and Grace. Our All of whom, I’m glad to say, came up trumps and made considerable efforts throughout the summer. Here’s what Grace had to say about her experience:

I first went to Camp Suisse when I was 13 years old; I loved it so much that every summer since I’ve tried to make some sort of excuse to return again. Summer 2010 however, was slightly different. I was offered a place on the Mentor Programme which consisted of many things; helping to look after kids, assisting on excursions and generally helping the Group Leaders by being as proactive as possible. The Camp Mentor Programme aided my personal development. I really enjoyed being on this programme because it helped me prepare for becoming a Group Leader in the future. It helped me realise the importance of responsibility and I definitely left Camp Suisse more mature than when I first arrived. This was once again a great experience and I would most definitely love to return to Camp this summer or next.” – Grace Young

Thanks to the success of the pilot program we are pleased to announce that the Camp Mentor Program will continue into its second year in summer 2011.

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