Camp Journal

Cailler Chocolate time for all of our lucky groups!!

6th August 2017

Today, arrived one of the most popular activities at camp! The campers drew out some extra money and prepared their backpacks with some extra room as it was finally time to visit the legendary Cailler Chocolate factory! All of the groups were headed together and Camp Suisse was a bundle of hustle and bustle as the children were filled with delight & awe  at the factory ; in particular when it came to the taster room. It was a challenge to get some of the campers out of there! They were given an audio guided tour and were able to visit the shop at the end in order to stock up on presents for family and friends and, of course, some snacks for themselves.

Once everybody was satisfied, and a little bit full, it was time for some sightseeing to work off all of that chocolate and sugar. We headed of to the historic and picturesque town of Gruyere for some lunch in a lovely park. This was then followed by a visit to some souvenir shops and an idyllic walk around the magnificent castle. Today was really jam packed with some great stuff! There was even a trip to a local playground which provided plenty of laughs and fun and laughter all around and it was a difficult task getting everybody back on to the bus in order to go back to Camp.

Once we had returned, there was time for a quick rest and some dinner to refuel and then it was time for some more fun! Casino night was organised by our lovely pastoral care leaders and the kids were given an oppurtunity to show their competitive and intelligent side. You would be surprised by how many future game players we may have!

Stay tuned for some fun in the sun tomorrow at Banana Boating!!!