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Brazil, Brazil… we are the best!

24th July 2011

Brazil, Brazil … we are the best

Brazil, Brazil … put us to the test

Brazil, Brazil … show us what you’ve got

Brazil, Brazil … we’re everything you’re not!

The winning chant from the winning team of Camp Suisse Session 2 Olympics’ 2011.  They were closely followed by Spain and China in second and third place respectively.  Countries were shuffling up and down the leader board throughout the day, as teams excelled in events such as Tug of War, Egg and Spoon and the Assault Course. Campers and staff alike were tested on their teamwork, agility, precision and strength along with concentration and pure determination!


The afternoon kicked off with preparation for the opening ceremony as teams decorated themselves in face paint according to their country and started composing the infamous team chants. It was then time to light the Olympic Torch which kicked off the Opening Ceremony, with the various national anthems blasting in the background…. so let the games begin!  The teams set off for their first event at various locations around the centre with enthusiasm sky high.  After 3 challenging events, the teams re-grouped and re-fuelled with some afternoon tea.  Following a pep-talk from their Team Leader, everyone was raring to go for the second half of the games.  Energy levels remained impressively high as the final challenge, String Hunt, commenced. Teams raced around the centre and the grounds to collect string in order to clinch the final points that were up for grabs.  

At the ‘Dance/Chant off’ Switzerland gave an impressive display with Michiel from the Yellow Group leading them loud and clear, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save them from the bottom three before the evenings finale, Olympic Scrabble.  At the other end of the leader board, Spain were resting comfortably in first and hopeful of a clear win.


As scrabble kicked off the tensions were high and all teams put in a lot of effort into creating words in any of the languages taught at Camp Suisse.  Brazil, in particular, showed off their language skills and cruised to the top of the leader board in an extremely tense finale.  The Gold Medals and chocolate were eagerly accepted during the podium presentations before a much deserved bed time for all the Olympians.

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