Camp Journal

Blues take on the wall with style

30th July 2013

Tuesday saw Blue group get lucky- with not one but two activities on the menu. First up for the group was the Camp Suisse climbing wall. The activity was met with great enthusiasm – particularly by Antonio and Timur who couldn’t wait to test their skills. Blue group progressed really well on the wall with Roberto particularly impressing the activity leaders. Perhaps the greatest success of the day as Nabilah conquering a fear of heights to pull off some of the climbs and descents, whilst Mina took the award for happiest climber – smiling constantly through the afternoon! The second activity was for the Blues to participate in team building games. This was an opportunity to develop communication and cooperation skills in a challenging yet fun environment. The magic carpet, shark infested river and electric fencer were all negotiated in style – with Giulia in particular demonstrating great teamwork and leadership skills.

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