Camp Journal

Blue and Yellow at Aqua Parc!

3rd July 2013

A rainy day meant some improvisation was necessary for morning activities, but indoor futsal (small teamed football) and the climbing wall ensured all campers were eagerly awaiting their lunches. A trip to the Aquaparc with all the Blue and Yellow campers wearing their bright Camp Suisse t-shirts ensued with a chatty bus ride en route. The continuing rain not dampening the campers’ spirits. Upon arrival at the Aquaparc, many group leaders found themselves wondering whether they were leading the group of if the group was leading them as campers rushed from one slide to the next, laughing all along the way. The return bus journey to camp for “shower hour” unfortunately came too soon for all, but laundry had to be handed in, rooms tidied, and most importantly, parents to be called! A hearty meal of lasagne was enjoyed by all before all campers went for their evening of bingo. With many Camp Suisse prizes to be claimed, campers were eagerly scratching away at their numbers. Evening activities wound down for bed time for the Red group and Blue group after a long but successful day as the Green and Yellow groups had a little time to wind down before they too turned in for the night in preparation for another big day in Switzerland.

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