Camp Journal

Blue Group go hunting for treasure!!!

2nd July 2017

Today was a fantastic day for our blue group. Fresh and excited to start their camp experience, they started the day with a yummy breakfast to give them lots of energy. This was quickly and enthusiastically followed by morning activities: sports games in the sports hall. The games were competitive and a very good way for everybody to get to know each other and bond a little! Once they were ready, it was time for their language tests in their chosen languages in order to place them in groups according to their levels and make the most of classes. After lunch, the campers spent the afternoon tackling the challenge of the climbing wall. We played various games and were taught climbing skills through fun and educative games with their incredible activities leaders. Confidence and bravery was tested and once the campers began to get comfortable with wall confidence definitely grew; they can now conquer anything! Before shower hour, there was enough time to continue the fun with some relaxed arts and crafts. Which was followed in the evening by sweet and sour chicken for dinner.

Once everybody had refuelled and recharged at dinner, it was time for the legendary Treasure Hunt! Group leaders had worked hard to construct a fun, crazy and educative quiz and the blue group even explored the village of Torgon to help find their answers to the various questions, What a great day!