Camp Journal

Biking – Red

3rd August 2012

With the sun peeking out from behind the clouds the Red group divided between languages and 5 a side football. Gorka was the star of the match with many commenting on his speedy capabilities and he even outran camp mentor Isaac!


Lunch provided the group with the well-deserved and needed energy boost before mountain biking with Tom, Kirsty and Rosie. They tested their skills in both braking, slaloming and gear changing games before the group split into two groups in order to tackle the practice trails. One group played a few more games and practiced on one trail while a group of more confident bikers practiced on the advanced trail. The group stopped to watch some professional bikers breeze down the trails before making the rapid descent themselves. Group leader Kaity was especially impressed with Olan and Eumin who fell on the trail and yet did not hesitate to pick up their bikes and continue riding. 


Following dinner the red group took to the stage for the Talent show. All campers did a wonderful job displaying their many talents from acting, singing, dancing and gymnastics. 

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