Camp Journal

Biking, hiking and BBQing!

6th June 2019

Today was another day of exploration for the children at Camp Suisse.

Our mountain bike coaches were really impressed with the children in classes 6A and 6C who took to the trails today. All the children challenged themselves and tried things they weren’t confident in; Neel and Caesar learned how to ride a bike! They also tried their hand at archery and climbing, with archery being the crowd favourite. In the climbing wall, some children were nervous to start, but by the end of the session had gained a lot of confidence; Tanya was even able to make it to the top of the wall!

Classes 6B and 6D, meanwhile, could be seen pacing around camp with navigators Katy and Emily. By the end of the afternoon, they were all able to use a map and compass, create their own small area maps and navigate their way around the Camp Suisse woods. These classes also learned a new sport: tag rugby. Although there were a few tired kids for this one, most were really enthusiastic to practise their skills and eventually compete in an exhilarating rugby match, with the red team taking the victory.

Dinner was a proper event tonight, as the whole camp hiked to the picnic area in the woods for an epic BBQ. The children loved the fire-roasted sausages, and Helen’s amazing cookies went down a treat for dessert.