Camp Journal

Biking – Green

1st August 2012

The morning started with the sun shining in Torgon. The Green group went off to language classes and football in the morning and after a yummy lunch of chips and sausages the green group headed to the top of the mountain for a mountain biking session. As soon as all the kids were kitted up with helmets and gloves, the session started with a brake check and funny games. The slow riding competition and the trails riding saw Oscar shining like a champion. 

The cat and mouse competition was more than enjoyable for the beginners group, while the more expert campers gave a go on the more difficult tracks. Soon everyone rode back to camp and even the more inexperience got the chance to ride off road and they made it! 

The campers came back on time for shower hour ready for the evening entertainment 3 minute movies undiscovered Spielbergs and Angelina Jolies came out of the woodwork.  Keep your eyes peeled on our Camp Suisse Youtube channel and International Camp Suisse Facebook page for the final production of the movies.






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