Camp Journal

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike – Green group

15th July 2012

All campers completed their foreign language assessments today. In order to determine their language capabilities and subsequent groupings we require campers to complete a short test in their chosen course of English, Spanish, French, German or Italian. 

With language classes determined, a session of basketball followed with, Aimee and Sarah blew away the cobwebs for the Green group campers. Shooting hoops and dribbling was the name of the game as the campers were taught the rules and tricks before showcasing their skills in the final game.  

The campers ventured deeper in to the mountain for an afternoon of mountain biking beginning at Plan de Croix. This is our mountain biking meeting point further in to the mountain which, during the winter, provides the entrance for skiers to the Portes du Soleil, a vast expanse of skiing terrain that stretches across 14 valleys and is one of the largest ski areas in the world.  After a thorough safety check the Greens rapidly descended the mountain negotiating the various obstacles presented to them by the trails as led by Activity leader Chris. 

The fresh Alpine air exhilarated our campers and so after all this exertion, the Greens had worked up a keen appetite. The after dinner Torgana hunt required the campers to excitedly exploring our site in order to the find the winning clue that lead them to the prize. 

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