Camp Journal

Back to Base

16th August 2017

We woke up to a lovely and clear morning at camp, and after some breakfast to prepare them for the day, it was time to gather their things and head for the hike back home and get back to base! We made it just in time for a very well deserved lunch after so much walking and hiking!

After everybody had relaxed and rested a little it was time to dive back into the action! It was the Reds and Blues’ turn to hit the climbing wall! Admittedly with a little more trepidation and nerves than the older campers, they still had a blast as they took their time to get used to the heights and were reassured by some great advice and encouraging words from our Activity Leaders. Meanwhile, our Yellows and Greens took their turn to fill their brains with some knowledge as they headed to their language classes. In a short period of time, the campers have been able to practise and converse with their native speaking teachers and that experience has been invaluable to give them the confidence and interest to carry on learning their chosen languages once they head back home in just a few days time!

To finish off the day, our lucky campers were given a choice between evening entertainment which included some crazy and energetic Zumba or some relaxed Yoga and fun Bingo for our campers with less energy!



What a lovely day and everybody is so excited about our activity for tomorrow: Banana boating!