Camp Journal

An Aquatic Adventure For All

6th August 2012

Monday morning and the sky was grey

It wouldn’t be much fun going walking today

Instead we had a much better plan

Going to the Aquaparc in the Camp Suisse van

But first it was sport and language time

A hockey match would do just fine

Who would win, green or blue?

Some amazing play and some great goals too

Lunch was delicious with lots of bread

Then on the coach and off we sped

Arriving at the Aquaparc, we could hardly wait

This day was turning out to be just great!

Splishing and splashing with all our friends

On the flumes with lots of bends

Then whizzing down the yellow slide

And into the wave pool to feel the tide

Back home just in time for tea

Followed by hot choc and a DVD

A casino night for yellows and greens

Before bedtime and off into our dreams

Would the summer rain be our downfall?

Certainly not, this is Camp Suisse after all!


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