Camp Journal

Hiking, biking, it’s all very exciting

9th August 2011

Today it was the turn of the Green and Yellow groups to brave the mud and the descending cloud as the activity staff led another action packed mountain biking session. The group firstly had the short walk up to Plan de Croix. Once the campers had been sized to their bikes the group then split off into their colours where each group tackled a different section of the course. Navigating steep hills, jumps, planks, cones and strategically placed logs required the utmost concentration from our campers- as well as plenty of bravery. Everyone tried their best and many overcame their fears; be it the steep rocky descent or trying the jump or bridge for the first time.

The group was then split into two in order to get down the mountain and back to the centre. One half completed a more challenging trail past Old Torgon which involved the steep and often fast paced downward meandering of woodland as the group traversed the mountain terrain. The others took a more direct route, yet were still challenged by patches of off-road trail which took its toll on the staff and campers alike.

Everyone arrived back to camp in one piece and ready for a well needed shower.


“The best hot chocolate I’ve ever had”

As we gazed out the window at the rain clouds we knew it wasn’t going to be the day for banana boating, despite the advice of Joe the Banana man. However, the Reds and Blues were more than happy with the afternoon at the Aqua Parc! After a fun filled morning of languages and sport we set off down the mountain.

Once inside the Aqua Parc we were like kids in a sweet shop, staff included, as we didn’t know where to go first; the wave machine, the lazy river or the brightly coloured flumes and slides?! It took less than five minutes for the group leaders to be well and truly splashed and soaked. Then it was a race to the slides, but there was no need to rush as we had a whole three hours to play.

The day came to a relaxing close with hot chocolate, whippy cream and chocolate flakes (with comments from some campers along the lines of ‘this is the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had’) and a film (Toy Story 3). The sleepy Reds and Blues went happily to bed eager for the next day’s adventure.

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