Camp Journal

All groups Glacier & BBQ

3rd August 2017

Today all the groups were combining for a very special trip! We awoke to bright sunshine, ready to take on the Glacier 3000 with a very early start! After a quick breakfast, they piled onto the coach that took us to the base, where we hoped on to some cable cars! Two cable car rides and a chairlift later, we had finally arrived! The campers were swiftly dived into groups and assigned a husky to take for a walk along the snow and, of course, to cuddle!! It’s not hard to imagine that this activity was a massive hit with the campers!

They got back on the chairlift and ate their picnic on the sunny terrace before heading to the viewing point to make the most of the beautiful view. The weather was beautiful and sunny but also very breezy making it the perfect climate for our campers to be happy and comfortable. The reds then had some time to shop for souvenirs before the next adventure of jumping on the Alpine roller coaster! There were many excited shouts and screams and once they had conquered this it was time for even more thrill seeking as we passed along the 3000m high suspension bridge! It was nerve wracking but everybody was very courageous.

We then headed back down the mountain, much to everybody’s disappointment,  for shower hour, before walking to the pavilion for a camp BBQ! Stomachs full of delicious camping food and after a long day, everybody was very tired, and so the campers played a little in the activity area or hung around in the football pitch before heading to bed for some well needed sleep!