Camp Journal

A photo shoot, Camp Suisse Olympics and Murder Mystery!

8th July 2017

Some say that it is the greatest show on earth- we would agree.. Having completed a yummy breakfast, the groups had some time to tidy up their rooms and do some organisation before our great photographer, Alex, began a photo shoot in which everybody did fantastic and funny poses!

Next up, the whole afternoon was dedicated to Camp Suisse Olympics! The Camp Suisse 2017 Olympic games opening ceremony began with representation from 10 nations, face painted to kingdom come, and banners and posters aloft: the games began. With 5 challenges to face them, everyone gave 100$ and put themselves behind their adopted nations.  Countries competed against each other across five disciplines: the three legged race, Egg and Spoon race, water carry, wheel barrow race and the obstacle course! All of the teams worked very hard together and showed fantastic teamwork skills. Finally, after the scores were counted, the bronze medal went to France, the silver to Brazil and the gold went to Mexico! After a sweltering afternoon, the only way to top it off was with a huge camp water fight- with no camper left dry after a hilarious 15 minutes.

In the evening, the campers stayed in their Olympic teams to play an energetic and competitive game of Murder Mystery. Our hilarious Activity leaders Siobhan and Toria dressed up as inspectors and the campers had to explore the camp and encounter suspects to find their clues which included working out math puzzles and completing various funny tasks! Such a great day!


Our fun photo shoot in the sun