Camp Journal

A Jam Packed Day at Camp!

9th August 2020

With the rise of the morning sun, the campers awoke to the call of Hannah. Following breakfast, the reds and blues embarked on their language or sport classes, all of the campers joining together for some time on the climbing wall at the end. After some tense competition of both climbing and drawing combined it was Bjorn, Neve and Gleb who came out on top, as the winners with their jigsaw mountain portrait.


After lunch, the campers migrated through the ancient forest to the archery range, where we were about to witness the greatest shooting spectacle Torgon had ever seen. We set up a tarp to create shade and we were very grateful to have help from some of the taller Yellows like Krisha and India. Quickly, it became apparent that Alexi was no stranger to the bow and arrow as he shot bulls eye after bulls eye. After a precarious start, Indi soon found her feet and too began to shoot with precision. It was Gary, however, who posed the biggest threat to the pack as the most juvenile member of the group – but soon learnt to follow in the footsteps of his elders. Zara in particular was very good at hitting the bulls eye.


After mastering the way of the bow, energy ran high, and the campers were needing to cool off. Preparations were made and helmets were donned as campers faced their greatest challenge yet: The Ghyll. We assessed the raging waters before plunging into the icy depths. All was calm venturing down the river until we reached… The Designated Splash Zone. Without warning, Bjorn and Meg sprang into action and drenched their fellow scramblers, even the leaders were not spared their wrath. We visited Ant’s Ghyll Spa and took turns in the bubble bath and jacuzzi and now all soaking wet warmed up during our sunny walk back to camp!


After shower hour, the campers await their well earned feast, and look forward to Louis’ Junk Yard Band and a spot of mountain biking around Torgon!