Camp Journal

A huge welcome to all our campers who arrived yesterday for Session Two!

12th July 2014

Well here we go! Let the adventure begin!
Our campers arrived and there were some faces we recognised and some new ones too! Everyone got the chance to see their new rooms and meet their roommates, not before long everyone was having a good chat and enjoying some ‘getting to know you’ time.
The Activity Leaders had some of the campers climbing up the indoor climbing wall or playing some sport in the hall. Other campers were exploring the Camp Suisse site or playing a tune on the piano!
At 18:30 it was time for dinner and the Camp Suisse Chef had made a delicious pasta dish. After everyone had finished their dinner it was group meetings all around so everyone could play some ‘team building exercises’. 
There was an early night for the campers after their long journeys and to prepare for more to come!