Camp Journal

A day of fun at camp!

30th July 2020

This morning our Rowdy Reds and Boisterous Blues had a full morning of languages and sport. To help our campers fine their zen, we gathered our yoga mats and took a hike to the forest. We lit some incense, played some Tiberian throat singing music and did a morning sun salutation. Following this we did some fun and challenging poses. Emma in particular was very good, and was even able to cross her legs and walk on her knees.

After lunch, our budding archers set off to the football pitch where we shot arrow after arrow at the targets. Joachim was the highest scoring Archer with a massive 56 points!

Juice and biscuits were had for afternoon tea. Following this we donned our helmets and went ghyll scrambling! This involves us all climbing up a mountain stream in the cold water and splashing each other and trying to make our way though the obstacles! The cold may be a deterrent to some, but we welcomed it because of the hot weather.

Prom was held after dinner, and everyone danced the night away under the disco lights.