Camp Journal

Blues go to the Chocolate Factory!

6th August 2018

On Sunday, the blues had a break from their language lessons and had a full day out on excursions Caillier chocolate factory, the home of Swiss milk chocolate. After become professional Caillier tasters, most of the group (bar Edvard and Callum who took the healthy option) bought enough chocolate to last the rest of the week in the gift shop.

After lunch, both Dec and Lydia’s group spent the rest of the afternoon in Gruyère – the birthplace of fondu. Dec’s group almost all bought crepes (using their french) and watched a busking harpist by the chateau.

Given it was one of the warmest days of the summer(over 30C), most of the chocolate had turned into soup by the time we had made it to camp. Luckily, the boys asked the kitchen staff nicely to let them put their chocolate in the fridge, saving the day.

Declan, Group Leader