Camp Journal

Blue and Red Groups tackles the Labrynth

12th July 2017

Today the Blues and Reds started the day with an educative morning of languages. In their different classes they prepared themselves for the Camp Suisse talent show, set to take place that same evening! After the creative lessons, the Blue Group took the bus to the Labrynth Adventure Park! Once there, we ate our packed lunches to give us some fuel and then it was go time. The campers were divided into groups to explore this fantastic park and its many attractions, fun games and activities. The groups  battled their way craftily through the maze and bounced and fell their way across the fun bouncy obstacles!

We then headed back to camp for shower hour followed by a delicious treat of Mexican dinner : chicken fajitas! Afterwards, the campers performed entertaining and creative shows in the different foreign languages they are learning at Camp and everybody showed off their newly learnt language skills! The particular favourite was a rendition of ‘Heads. Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ by one of the younger groups which was joined in passionately by everybody in the audience! Nobody wanted the fun to end and so there was a session of Karaoke that followed. Spanish, French, English and German songs were blasted out as all of the campers came out of their shells and sang, and even danced, along! By the time we were finished everybody was more than ready for bed!