Camp Journal

Biking, Lakes and BBQs !!

13th June 2017


The week is flying by and it isn’t a wonder given how much fun we are cramming in to our week here at Camp Suisse.

After some much needed sleep last night we woke up, filled ourselves with breakfast and set off for a long day of activities. We got on our bikes at the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and followed the Rhone River all the way to Villeneuve on the shores of Lake Geneva. Here we ditched the bikes (don’t worry we just put them on our trailer) and went jumping off the diving boards into the Lake. The water temperature was a welcome relief after cycling in +30 degree heat! After swimming we walked along the shores, passing the famous Chateau du Chillon and some very impressive real estate, to Montreux, location of the famous jazz festival and the resting place of the one and only Freddie Mercury.

With another decent fix of vitamin D in our system after a long day in the sun, it was back up to Camp Suisse for a BBQ night in the forest. A shower and bed never felt so good. We are all going to need our energy tomorrow as we are due to set off on a challenging hike to Lac du Taney, a Swiss natural heritage site. Another awesome day ahead!