Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Two – Green Group

28th June 2016

The Green Group started the day with a delicious breakfast followed by a kit chat where the campers were required to have all their equipment ready. The Activity Leaders (Steve, Emma and Adam) gave us our gloves and helmets and then we went on the minibus to Plan De Croix. Once there, Adam gave the campers their bikes and some safety tips and advice. Then we went through a course of cones. this allowed us to practice breaking and staying balance on the bikes. After a couple of laps of that we started doing a game of ‘Follow the Leader’. After all of the campers were confident we started to go on more challenging terrain.This involved laps of grass with wooden obstacles such as a ‘Tittertotter’ and mini jumps. After two hours playing on the bikes the campers biked back to camp by going through the forest.

After lunch all of the kids got put into their first language classes where they played icebreaker games and got to know their classmates. This was followed by Shower Hour , dinner and then football fans watched the Spain VS Italy game. The campers then went to their evening activities which involved sports games on the football pitch.

What a great day!


Showing off new skills!


Green Group


Flying round those corners!


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