Camp Journal

Yellow Group: Lake Day

22nd July 2021

On a hot sunny morning, the yellow campers headed to Villeneuve for a wonderful day at the pool, right next to Lake Geneva!

Upon arrival, Matthew and Sejal jumped straight into the pool, while Mason had to build up the courage to take the plunge.

First on the agenda was paddle boarding with Julliene! Anna and Hannah were the standouts of Mary’s group, and Irene and Poala in Cian’s.

After a spot of lunch, the banana boat arrived! The campers took it in turns to board the banana, and were tossed around the lake. The banana boating involved high speed thrills, so while some were nervous, all were glad to have taken part.

We ended the day with some diving board action- Lucie faced her fears and managed the middle board.

We got back to camp, and now look forward to an evening cooking at the campfire.

– Mary Brown, Group Leader