Pastoral Care Leaders

Ages: 19+

We are looking for trustworthy, reliable individuals to look after the general well-being of our campers during non-program hours. You should be responsible, professional and organised with a positive attitude to work and a genuine interest in children and young people. The aim at Camp Suisse is to provide round the clock care to campers; the Pastoral Care Team enable this to continue outside the hours of timetabled activities. The Pastoral Care Team looks after dietary, hygiene medical and other pastoral issues as well as having responsibility for the safe management of the accommodation buildings. Above all, you should be a team player who is kind, caring, and easy going!

Key Duties:

• Be responsible for the health, safety and welfare of our campers for the duration of their stay

• Look after campers’ well-being outside of program times (usually from 5.30pm) – provide ‘out of program’ care from the end of daytime activities through to the following day’s breakfast

• Control and manage all medications held at camp and administer medication as required

• Provide first aid as required and manage first aid supplies

• Attend to any illnesses or sicknesses in-house

• Manage any pastoral issues (medical, bullying, homesickness, night security, hygiene etc) and act as case-worker for campers with specific issues

• Put campers to bed in the evening and wake campers each morning at the designated time(s)

• Manage the accommodation chalets with regard to maintenance needs, camper room cleanliness, issuing of linen

• Lock up in the evening and patrol premises at regular intervals

• Respond to nighttime incidents and action emergency procedures as required – including medical care and fire warden duties

• Assist with evening entertainments

• Document recording as per camp protocol eg maintaining document logs and incident report files

• Report to senior management and liaising with parents as required

Points to note:

The Pastoral Care Team will hold the responsibility for issuing medication, dealing with incidents, attending hospital visits etc as and when required. This will include liaising with managers, group leaders, catering staff and other staff on relevant camper issues where appropriate, creating and maintaining accurate paper trails and understanding the needs of campers with food allergies and intolerances.

Personal requirements / characteristics:

Experience in youth work, medicine, nursing, social work, kids clubs or nannying would be advantageous. You should be effective at assessing and evaluating situations, quick-thinking and a good problem solver. You should have an open mind and be tolerant of all cultures, races and languages, as well as being friendly, approachable and empathetic. Your team will be the first point of call should any camper require settling or assistance during the night. It is essential to have experience working with children and a knowledge of first aid would be useful. Medical training including nursing would be advantageous.


• Accommodation

• Three meals per day

• Entrance / admissions / equipment relating to all activities in which you participate

• Competitive salary

• Resort Staff Insurance