Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award equips young people for life and work. It is the world’s leading youth achievement award. In 2013 more than one million young people around the world took part in the Award, in over 140 countries and territories. Read more at http://www.intaward.org DOEA_INT_PROUD TO DELIVER_GENERIC_RGB

Camp Suisse and the ‘The Award’

Camp Suisse has been licensed by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation as an Independently Trained Activity Provider (ITAP) for ‘The Award’.

The ITAP licence is a quality standard reflecting Camp Suisse’s ability to meet the requirements and sectional conditions of the Award, including having Award trained staff.

Camp Suisse is one of the few ITAPs licensed in Switzerland. We specialise in working with International Award Centres  (IAC’s) for the delivery of the Adventurous Journey and the Residential Project sections of the Award for their participants.

The Adventurous Journey

The Adventurous Journey section of ‘The Award’ seeks to provide participants with a unique, challenging and memorable experience. The Adventurous Journey aims to take young people out of the comfort zone but within a safe and secure setting; developing self-confidence, teamwork and health. Read more about the Adventurous Journey at http://www.intaward.org/adventurous-journey.

Camp Suisse, with its fully trained team of staff, is proud to deliver the Adventurous Journey section of ‘The Award’ at Bronze Silver and Gold levels.

We are able provide International Award Centres (IACs) and their participants with the following key areas of the Adventurous Journey section:

• Preparation and training

• Practise journeys

• Qualifying journeys

• Supervision and Assessment

• Group and personal expedition equipment

If you have any questions or would like Camp Suisse to customise the Adventurous Journey section of ‘The Award’ for your group please email info@campsuisse.com

Residential Project

The Residential Project section of ‘The Award’ aims to broaden participants experience through involvement with others in a residential setting. Read more about the Residential Project at http://www.intaward.org/residential-project

Each summer Camp Suisse has a limited number of places available for participants to complete their Residential Project section by mentoring our younger campers through their camp experience and by assisting staff with day to activities at Camp Suisse.

This unique opportunity allows participants to achieve their Residential Project section of ‘The Award’ whilst at the same time developing key life skills that can be transferred into further education and career opportunities. Throughout the project participants will further develop their understanding of the alpine environment, outdoor education and working with children and young adults.

If you are interested in undertaking your Residential Project section of ‘The Award’ at Camp Suisse please email info@campsuisse.com