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Red & Blue Groups: Foraging in the Great Outdoors!

27th July 2021

The Reds and Blues had a fantastic day today exploring the grounds around Camp Suisse. They went on a foraging expedition in the morning and managed to find themselves a treasure trove of edible plants out in nature. After what seemed like a long and fruitless (pun intended) search, Marijus managed to find a patch of strawberries large enough to feed the whole group! Other plants like Woodsorrel and Beach leaves were tasted and the campers really enjoyed their culinary experiment.

We also had sports at the football pitch in the afternoon with some superstar performances put in by Maisy’s brick wall defence and Nicolas’s amazing goals. We then played capture the flag which was hotly contested. And some campers decided instead to build a fairy fort which included a kitchen, a mine, defensive areas and of course many houses for the fairies. All in all, a great day was had by our campers in the great outdoors!

– Sam Kelly, Group Leader

Red & Blue Groups: Chocolate Factory!

26th July 2021

Today all of our Red and Blue campers woke up bright and early, as usual, for the most eagerly anticipated excursion of all… The Chocolate Factory! They all fuelled their bellies with breakfast before setting off on our adventure. From the moment we arrived, we were overwhelmed by the amazing aroma of the cocoa beans oozing from the factory.

Our campers’ language skills were put to the test, as they each listened to the tour in their target language. Mia, Gia and Maisy all enjoyed the French version, while Nicolas, Mariia, Mathilde and others followed the tour in English. Finally the moment we had all been waiting for … The taste test! 🍫 All the campers got the opportunity to try out some of the freshly made chocolate before buying some in the souvenir shop.

All in all a fantastic day. Until tomorrow!

– Roisin Kimmins, Group Leader

Green & Yellow Groups: Ultimate Survivor!

The Greens and Yellows were on their way to the Camp Suisse centre, when suddenly disaster struck! In a stunning turn of catastrophic events, their pilot, disorientated by low hanging cloud, overshot their landing area and careened into the forest – thankfully, THEY SURVIVED!

Each team worked together in order to complete tasks for their survival. The first problem they faced was that of shelter- each team made a stable structure that was capable of withstanding wind and rain, utilising sticks and moss. Each team were dehydrated so they had to filter water using plastic bottles, rocks, moss and a nearby stream. Another problem survivors faced, as well as the lack of heat, was the lack of food, as well as the threat of predators… fire solved both of these problems! Armed with a flint fire striker, each team raced for sparks and smoke to create a fire great enough to boil and purify the water. Lastly, each team discovered an injured survivor who had broken their tibia and fibula into two parts. This required campers to stop the bleeding, make a splint and keep the casualty warm. The deserved winners were Megan’s team, including Mohammed, Mason, Brendon, and Ellie!

Happy to have saved every team member, campers set off back in search of Camp Suisse before an evening of pizza and pasta in Caprins after all their hard work!

– Mary Brown, Group Leader

Red & Blue Groups: Languages, Ultimate Survivor, and Pizza Night!

25th July 2021

Today our campers got ready for the language talent show (which is taking place on Tuesday). They were busy preparing dramas, musicals and one class is even doing the news! I wonder what they’ll come up with next ??! In the afternoon they took on Bear Grills in ‘Ultimate Survivor’; they learned how to build a fire, filter water and even how to make a shelter. Maybe they don’t need their chalets any more ??

Lastly, the campers took a trip to the Caprins Pizzeria, where they indulged in the finest pizza and pasta in the best restaurant in Torgon. WHAT A TREAT !

See you tomorrow for more fabulous updates

– Lauren, Group Leader

Green Group: Chocolate Factory

What a day, what a day! We can still feel the sugar rush. We had an absolutely wonderful day! We started the morning with a cinematic introduction to the Cailler chocolate factory. After that, we went on to walk through the factory learning about the history of Cailler. The best part of all this was the end. We got to taste all the different flavours of chocolate! We then rolled our way to Gruyères, where we explored this cute little town. The Greens went on to buy some souvenirs and some of them even had the pleasure of eating fondue!
– Suzanne Wallet, Group Leader

Camp Suisse Olympics

24th July 2021

Today was the Olympics, and all campers from Reds right up to Yellows, took part. It all began with an opening ceremony for the ages, replete with chants, dances and even some mock sword fights to entertain the crowd!

After this, the Olympic Torch was lit and the tournament began. Self made flags were waved and face paint proudly shown as we paraded down to the football pitch, where the events took place. Events such as unihoc, three legged football and the tug of war proved popular. Some serious skill was shown by Mathilde and Maria in the three legged football, but they were not to be outdone by Ari’s performance at the water can relay.

After all of the excitement of the day, the closing ceremony was held and the winners were announced. After an unusual tie-breaker of a ‘moo-off’ between Norway and the UK, Norway took third, the UK took first and the winners of the Olympics were Brazil! A great and exciting day was had by all!

– Sam Kelly, Group Leader

Yellow Group: Languages and Woodcraft Workshop

23rd July 2021

Another fantastic Friday was had by all here at Camp Suisse! The campers shined in their language lessons this morning, especially Mattia, who sang the class’s chosen karaoke song at the top of his lungs! The students of French are all eagerly awaiting to sing the Lion King’s rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight at the karaoke night next week!

Throughout the afternoon, the Yellow group created sculptures made of wood and rope; first drawing up a plan and then turning it into a reality in the forest. Poppy succeeded in making a Wimbledon worthy tennis racket out of sticks, leaves and flowers. Sejal, Sam and Greta came together to exhibit some awesome team work skills to create a bespoke seagull. The entire group made up chants, danced and burnt their sculptures. Greta and Ellie ballet danced emotively to music while Polina’s artistically crafted wifi sculpture was set alight on the campfire. Yet again another wonderful day was had by all!

– Aisling Vaughan-Witts, Group Leader

Green Group: Languages and Moving Mountains

A marvellous morning once again. The sun greeted our Greens with a lovely smile. After a much needed breakfast, everyone went on to their language classes. Vasili and Louise smashed the ASAP game with their English vocabulary. Sijal knew all the answers in Spanish class, and Greta really stood out in the French dance class.

After a healthy lunch, we went on to Move some Mountains. A great team-building game, where we learned how powerful you can be when you work together. We navigated our way through the forest, climbed through nets, disposed a bomb, and Eline even led our whole team through the entire thing!
It was once again a great day, filled with laughter, fun and making new friends. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

– Suzanne Wallet, Group Leader

Red & Blue Groups: Lake Day!

As the courageous campers rose this morning excitement filled Camp Suisse, as the campers prepared to embark on arguably one of the most epic and fun- filled activities Camp suisse has to offer- the wondrous paradise that is… dun dun dun… Villeneuve!

The morning kicked off with the campers embarking on their paddle board expedition on Lake Geneva. Greta took to paddle boarding like a duck to water as she glided across Lake Geneva with no sweat at all. Maisy, Cate, Luka and Leah also took Lake Geneva by storm as they showed the paddle board who was Boss!

After lunch, the campers faced the second challenge of this dreamy day – banana boating! Maria, Mathilde, Mia and Ari rode the waves like pros, as they hardly even fell off, despite the speed boat pulling them along at a record speed.

The day also included lots of super swimming in the picturesque pool, and Spencer even created two new games (which we all had tonnes of fun playing!) and Leo swam better than Michael Phelps in the Olympic final!
All in all a dreamy day with our brilliant campers, that make us proud every second of the day!

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader

Yellow Group: Lake Day

22nd July 2021

On a hot sunny morning, the yellow campers headed to Villeneuve for a wonderful day at the pool, right next to Lake Geneva!

Upon arrival, Matthew and Sejal jumped straight into the pool, while Mason had to build up the courage to take the plunge.

First on the agenda was paddle boarding with Julliene! Anna and Hannah were the standouts of Mary’s group, and Irene and Poala in Cian’s.

After a spot of lunch, the banana boat arrived! The campers took it in turns to board the banana, and were tossed around the lake. The banana boating involved high speed thrills, so while some were nervous, all were glad to have taken part.

We ended the day with some diving board action- Lucie faced her fears and managed the middle board.

We got back to camp, and now look forward to an evening cooking at the campfire.

– Mary Brown, Group Leader