Camp Mentor Programme

Gain Invaluable Experience

unspecified-1 Our Camp Mentor programme is designed for returning campers aged 16-18 who would like to take on more responsibility at Camp Suisse, while still enjoying the awesome activities and experiences on offer to our campers.

As a Mentor, you will undertake staff training, including orientation and induction courses, basic first aid, as well as activity and leadership training.

Your duties will be varied, and include: assisting Group Leaders and Language Teachers with their groups; acting as a first port of call for campers; assisting staff on excursions; and learning more about the day-to-day workings of Camp Suisse.

unspecified-2You will gain a first-hand experience in leading and assisting younger campers in activity sessions while benefitting from invaluable work experience in a professional educational environment. As with all our campers and staff, we are committed to developing leadership skills as well as teaching new hard and soft skills.

You will have the opportunity, where appropriate, to assist with language classes and to work with our younger campers contributing positively to their pastoral care, welfare and to their enjoyment at camp; sharing your own experiences from when you were a camper.

What qualities do I need?

unspecified-3To be a Camp Mentor requires the same qualities as expected of Camp Suisse staff: energy, maturity and flexibility.

Camp Mentors tend to be former campers. If you wish to apply, we ask that you fill out and submit a staff application form; when asked for ‘Position Applied For’, you should write ‘Mentor Programme’. We also ask that you email a Letter of Motivation to, titling your email ‘Mentor Programme Application’. Your Letter of Motivation should tell us why you wish to be a Camp Mentor, as well as what qualities you think you will bring to the programme.

Once your application is accepted, we will contact your parents/ guardians for their permission for you to participate in the programme.

How much does it cost?

The Camp Mentor programme is available at a 30% remission of the price of our Summer Camp for regular campers.

For this year’s prices, check out our dates and prices page