Camp Journal

Reds and Blues on top of the world!

29th July 2020

At the crack of dawn, the reds and blues were set for a sunny day in the Swiss Alps. After a hearty breakfast, we hoped on the coach and were entertained by Wall-E for the duration of the drive. Many windy roads later, we found ourselves at Col du Pillion, enshrouded in cloud, and ready for our gondola to the Glacier.
After Eli kindly offered to drive the gondola, the Glacier staff quickly jumped on and took the helm. As we ascended out of the clouds, Lei Lei was first to spot the summit. Above the clouds and in the sun, it felt as if we were on top of the world.
We kicked off the day with a peak walk and glacier talk, pointing out, the Matterhorn, Eiger and Mont Blanc. Roxy was especially keen for all the fun facts. After crossing the glacier, with a few snowballs thrown, we started the Husky sledding. Ella and Emma particularly enjoyed the huskies.
Up next was tobogganing, which all campers thoroughly enjoyed, and Lei Lei and Joachim even dared to try it backwards. Many slides later, we went back up to the viewing platform for a spot of lunch. After a thrilling time on the alpine coaster, we visited the shop before taking the gondola back down. Our sleepy ride home was accompanied by ‘cool running’s’ , which is now a new favourite for Eli.

Glacier 3000!

28th July 2020

A bright and early start today for the Greens and Yellows as we headed to the glacier! Ascending the glacier at 3000 metres high, we were greeted with incredible views through the gondolas as the skies were clear- even the Matterhorn could be seen.

As we took it in turns to ride on the husky sledges, Logan, Daniel, Ben, Simon and Jakob enjoyed a snowball fight, luckily they dried off quickly as it was so warm.

The morning ended with tobogganing on the glacier and a picnic high up in the clouds. The campers then enjoyed a ride on Europe’s highest rollercoaster! Shyrine, Zohra, Chloe and Florence sped down at top speeds!

The excursion concluded with a walk along the bridge to the viewing point. A particular mention to Sydney and Kataleeya who overcame a fear of heights walking across it!

A creative day at camp!

In the morning Joachim and Lei Lei undertook an interesting survey around the camp for their English class. In French campers studied numbers and time telling which Samuel really excelled in, especially when playing what’s the time Mr Wolf in French.


Nature Art Jamming was absolutely brilliant. Especially Erin who had some really creative ideas of making portraits of the group leaders using different plants, twigs and flowers that we had found in the forest. We took some of these back to camp so that we could make paint prints of them, with Ella and Emma making the brightest pictures possible. Inspired by the small thunderstorm that passed as we painted, we finished off the afternoon by working in groups to paint the amazing skyline that we see each day on the Camp Suisse decking.

A brilliant and creative day at camp!

Labyrinth adventure fun for the Reds and Blues!

27th July 2020

As usual the sun was shining for the reds and blues on the first excursion of session 3. Although it was hot, the campers were well prepared for their day at Labyrinth adventure.
After arriving, the reds and blues split into three groups, with Ella, Erin, Emma, Melana and Chloe especially keen to go round the park with Mary. Roxy and Eli spent the morning on the donuts and hamster wheel, while Charles couldn’t get enough of the slides.
As it was such a scorcher, after lunch the whole group headed over to the water slides to cool off. After a wet and wild water fight and many slide races later, each group split off for the Labyrinth.
Back at camp, post-pizza dinner the campers were treated to a guest appearance from Louis for Junk-yard band night. After busting some beats before bed, the reds and blues were ready for a good night’s sleep before languages, sports and Art jamming tomorrow. What a fantastic day!!

A busy day at camp for the greens and yellows!

The Greens and Yellows kicked off the week with a morning of languages and sports, ultimate frisbee infact! The first language class of the session was an opportunity for campers to dust off the cobwebs and practice some of the most useful phrases. Special mention to Natasha and Josie for their efforts on the first day! The afternoon brought a sunny session of archery for the yellows. Daniel showed he was a natural Robin Hood. After archery the yellows went ghyll scrambling, a favourite among campers in the hot sunny mountain weather! Chloe and Florence were the best scramblers the GLs have seen for a long time. The Greens spent the afternoon team building with their group leaders. Nella, Josie, Zohra and Poppy were particularly fantastic with their teamwork skills and communication. This was followed by a relaxing afternoon of art jamming for the greens. Art jamming is the perfect opportunity for campers to express themselves and have some fun. Special mention to Arthur and Simonas who showed their natural artistic abilities to the group!

Another brilliant busy day at Camp Suisse

A busy start to Session 3!

26th July 2020

On their first full day at camp the reds and blues spent the morning in their sports or language sessions. After lunch, the juniors set off into the forest for a mountain adventure day. We first learnt how to light fires- which Chloe, Malena and Erin we’re particularly good at- not only did they light their cotton wool using a fire striker, but also were winning team in the campfire construction competition! 


We then moved on to shelter building, where we learnt the best way to construct shelters safely. We found that Roxy and Charles had a particular eye for interior design – as homely touches of skylights, doormats and ovens were added to the otherwise basic shelters. 


After shower hour and dinner, the reds and blues undertook Torgonahunt. We split into 2 teams and searched for the answers to Torgon related questions in the square. Huge shout out to ‘The Hovering Potatoes’ (Lei Lei, Erin, Samuel, Malena, Charles and Emma) for winning with a whopping 19/20!


After a tiring day, everyone headed to bed (after our bedtime braiding session with the Blue girls) and we look forward to a day at Labyrinth Adventure tomorrow. 


Parc Adventure and an afternoon at the pool!

The greens and yellows went on their first excursion of the session today. They began the day in Parc Adventure where they swung through the trees on an exciting high-ropes and zipline course Daniel, Kat, Jakob and Ben particularly loved it, zooming expertly through the trees. Zohra and Josie were also awesome, giving everything a go despite their initial fear of heights!


In the afternoon the greens and yellows headed to the pool where they spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun, swimming in the pool and going on the slide. There was also a diving board and zip wire over the water where Simonas and Emilie loved jumping into the water! 

An exhausting but brilliant day at camp!

A final day of fun for our Session 2 campers!

23rd July 2020

Today the greens and yellows started the day with languages and sports. In French today they learnt cooking vocabulary, and then made their own mousse au chocolat! Till and Ellie particularly enjoyed this activity!


Then in the afternoon they went to the football pitch where they spent the afternoon playing some fab games including rounders and football. Inigo, Diego and Alexa also really enjoyed learning gymnastics! 

Thursday means PROM NIGHT at camp. All the campers are excitedly awaiting their dinner and music to dance away their last evening at camp. A brilliant final day with the new friends that have been made at camp!

A relaxing day at the lake!

22nd July 2020

Waking up bright and early, the Yellow and Green group hiked back down from Lake Taney where they had spent the night camping. The coach awaited their arrival at the bottom to take them straight to Bouveret beach by Lake Geneva.

Fortunately, after last night’s thunder storm, the weather forecast cleared as we descended the mountain roads.

With base camp set up and sun cream lathered on, the campers were able to jump straight into the lake or pool. Caterina, Iñigo and Eliana learnt to do flips in the water with Group Leader Sabrina, whilst Leonardo, Lukas, Lucas and Group Leader Floriane played tennis on the grass.

Diego, who just turned 14 yesterday (happy birthday!), stood out with his impressive water frisbee skills.

It was a very relaxed day after an active week and a great time to wind down and enjoy the picturesque Swiss scenery.


A day out to the Chocolate Factory!

20th July 2020

The reds and blues had a fantastic day today at the chocolate factory and town of Gruyere! We arrived at the factory after a speedy bus journey and took a tour of the factory. Mary and Eli particularly enjoyed the interactive tour, and Isabel’s favorite part was the chocolate taste test at the end!

After a short bus journey we arrived to the old town of Gruyere and after having a spot of lunch spent a few sunny hours looking around the town and playing in the shade. We kept cool by splashing around in the fountain – Ari and Keira got their own back on the leaders by drenching them with their freshly filled water bottles!

After a sleepy journey home, we are looking forward to dinner and a game of bingo to end a delicious day at camp!