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Yummy Trips to the Cheese and Chocolate Factories!

12th May 2014

You can’t experience Switzerland without sampling the wonderful food that Switzerland is famous for. I’m sure first on the list for most kids visiting Camp Suisse will be the Swiss chocolate, but don’t forget the amazing Gruyère cheese! Both have a long tradition in Switzerland and they’ve really perfected the delicious recipes over the years. You can find out all about it (and more importantly taste all about it!) at the super fun Maison du Gruyères and the Caillers chocolate factory on our trip to the region of Gruyères!

Caillers Chocolate Factory

Let’s start with the chocolate factory, because we know that’s what you’re dying to find out about! There’s loads to discover, starting with the history of Chocolate, which goes right back to the ancient traditions of the Aztecs. You can see and smell these traditions in action at the Caillers Chocolate Factory by watching the recreated cocoa ceremonies.

Then they’ll tell you all about François-Louis Cailler, who obviously had the best job in the world and started his own chocolate company! Who knows maybe you’ll get inspired and join the likes of Cailler and Willy Wonker and start your own chocolate or sweet company!

And last but definitely, by no stretch of the imagination, least…you get to taste the chocolate! Hmm, what a treat! This world famous chocolate has a well-deserved reputation for being utterly delicious and after you see all of the chocolate making processes, you’ll understand why!

Maison du Gruyères

This demonstration centre is right next to the lush alpine pastures and houses lots of interesting facts and secrets to making Gruyère. This delicious cheese is a real staple of mountain culture, with gooey fondue and lots of hearty recipes to keep the mountain folk going with their farming work. A fondue is also a social event as everybody shares a central bowl of scrummy melted cheese as they scoop up the drippy cheese with their bread. There’s only one way to describe it…“amazing!” It’s a Swiss experience not to be missed!

The Town of Gruyères

It’s not just about the food, on this day trip to see the factories you’ll also get to look around this historical medieval town including the grand chateau. The town is absolutely stunning with its cobbled streets and hanging flower baskets in the summer. It is almost impossible to take a bad photograph in Gruyères which is probably why its image has made its way onto so many chocolate boxes!

This is just one of our many excursions that make Camp Suisse one of the best kids’ summer camps around! Our summer adventures offer lots of fun physical activities as well as exposure to new cultures and languages, so our campers learn whilst enjoying themselves in the beautiful Swiss Alps. If you’d like to find out more, check out our website or give us a call +44 845 5191 031.