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Who else wants dinner?!

28th April 2014

Eating good food is integral to staying fit and healthy. We couldn’t expect our campers to fit so much into their days if we weren’t feeding them enough! We have a lot of experience now in finding the optimal balance between healthy and tasty food and we try to make sure that no-one goes away hungry.We try to accommodate all nutritional requirements, so if you have a special diet please do let us know in advance. For more information on what we serve, three times a day, please do read on:


We set you up for a busy day with a big hearty breakfast. By the time you’ve left the canteen you’ll feel fully refuelled and ready to go. We have a healthy selection of cereals, coupled with yoghurt and a selection of fruit to accompany your cereal or to have alone. If all of that were not enough, we can also offer toast with a range of spreads, as well as boiled eggs. All of our breakfast choices are low in fat and salt and are designed to keep you going throughout the morning. You will have a busy, exciting day ahead of you and we need to get you energised ready to face it all!


Come lunch-time, we’re all looking for some tasty treats. Our kitchen can offer a wide variety of choice and we aim to please all of our campers. We have jacket potatoes filled with either beans, cheese or chili con carne; paninis and sandwiches with a large selection of fillings. We can also offer a salad bar and a pasta bar as well as our famous hot dogs. If you are out and about on an excursion you will enjoy a packed lunch of sandwiches, muesli bars, yoghurts, fruit and maybe even some of that world famous Swiss chocolate!


Dinner is usually served in three parts. We have a range of starters to whet our campers’ appetites. Our selection of starters ranges from soups to hummus to some really delicious gnocchi. For main course, we change the menu every evening and we always lay out a vegetarian option. We like to maintain a healthy element to all of our meals and we try to keep really unhealthy foods out. In addition, all of our main meals are complimented by an unlimited salad bar. When it comes to dessert, we can offer fruit salads, banana bread, choc ices, upside down cakes, banana splits – the list goes on!

More Info

By this point, you might be getting hungry just thinking about some of the options we have waiting for you at Camp Suisse this summer. We are a children’s summer camp based in Torgon, Switzerland and we look after the all-round health of our campers. For more information on our camp, why not check out our FAQ page or call us on +44 845 5191 031.

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